Incorporated in 1986, Jinson Engineering Pte Ltd began manufacturing zinc and aluminum anodes for the local Cathodic Protection industry.

With rapidly increasing demand from the local and international markets, Jinson Marine (S) Pte Ltd was initiated to provide the design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems to a wide range of industrial corrosion protection applications.

Together with state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control in accordance with the latest specifications, Jinson Marine (S) Pte Ltd guarantees the complete dependability of the wide range of sacrificial anodes manufactured at their foundry. With an efficient and reliable team of qualified engineers, Jinson Marine (S) Pte Ltd is committed to provide thorough diagnosis and delivering quality and value for all of your cathodic protection needs.

Jinson Marine (S) Pte Ltd Corrosion Protection Services include the following:

• Hull protection design work.
• Ballast tank protection design work.
• Impressed current cathodic protection.
• Anti-fouling protection system.
• Corrosion Engineering.
• Cathodic Protection (CP).



Sub-Sea Structure Anodes-Platform, Jetty, Pile
These are the example anodes that we can provide








JINSON Aluminum Anodes are manufractured according to Det Norske Veritas DNV RP B401.
JINSON Sacrificial anodes are available in a wide range of weight and sizes,Our in house
workshop,foundry,and engineers work together to provide you the best possible service.
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